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Long ago there existed a Brotherhood who lived in peace with Mother Earth. They raised their heads to the Heavenly Father and were one with all living things.  They could hear the sounds of the Earth and Stars... for truly they were the imagination of man and woman's destiny.
They lived in a garden so brilliant that today our mortal eyes could not absorb the beauty.  All living things ate from the table of the Earthly Mother and slept in the arms of the Heavenly Father.

The Law was planted in the Garden of the Brotherhood to illumine the hearts of the Children of Light, to make straight before them the seven paths leading to the Tree of Life, which standeth in the midst of the Eternal Sea; The Law was planted in the garden of the Brotherhood, that they might recognize the spirits of truth and falsehood.  In that time, the trees were the brothers of man, and their span on the Earth was very long, as long as the Eternal River, which flowed without ceasing from the unknown spring.

The White Temple is a working Art studio for the education and development of creative minds.
The studio appreciates the Renaissance schools as a model to teach and expand the minds of one's aspirations and talent.  In a world of technology and mindless chatter we seek a haven where one can learn the art of living through Art, Music, and Design.
The mind, heart, and the hand are perfected so one can realize the true meaning of the World of Art.

Classes instruct and mentor by practical experience of successful individuals who offer classes in:
*Color management in home through practical interior design techniques.
*A nonjudgmental class in the art of drawing... emphasizing various techniques using charcoal, pen and ink.  Open subjects to feel comfortable with hand, mind, and heart to expand ones imagination.
*Painting in either oil, watercolor, or acrylic... the theme of the class is to make one relax and enjoy the process.
*The study of art and philosophy pertaining to the use of art to create a bridge of ideas to the working relationship with the community.

The ambiance of the studio is to create an environment where one can experience a pleasing working arrangement and join in to experience projects for corporations, institutions and public projects.

An ongoing series of lectures is provided which includes...
The healing arts, meditation, public art. Book design, product development, the study of color, design, lighting and fabrics to create an atmosphere of healthy living.

Art so often has been ignored in the education of one's mind in the 21st century and yet all through time it became the driving force in many cultures... thus saving them from the dark ages.  It was art that created the Renaissance and the golden ages of countless civilizations... and this is the mission of the studio to enlighten the human mind through Art, Music, and Design.